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Water Damage Restoration

We do offer complete water damage restoration services. After a water loss, our goal is to get you back into a dry house as soon as possible and so that your home looks better than it did before the water loss. Our company has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to get your home back to a pre-loss condition. We have the latest inspection equipment to see how much damage the water really has done, so that we can evaluate and  plan a proper dry out. We have a large fleet of equipment including air movers, dehumidifiers, negative air machines and wall drying equipment. We keep enough equipment on hand to effectively dry out large multi story buildings and high rises. We're also experienced in dealing with insurance companies and in how to deal with your claim.

            In the end you want a company with more than enough experience  and plenty of  dry out equipment available to get you back on your feet and Cross Carpet Cleaning Company is your best choice.

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